HELP! chocolate melted inside my Anya!!!

  1. I wanna cry soo bad! I bought chocolate candy earlier and placed it inside my favorite anya be a bag, and the f**cking candy melted inside the pig-skin leather :crybaby: how do I take it out? any suggestions...:crybaby:
  2. Ohhhhh Nooooo! I don't have an answer, but is there a good place in your area that can try to fix it? I know there used to be one here (in my sorta small town), but it closed after many years. Is there such a place there? Please let us know how this turns out. I am soo sorry.
  3. I'm sorry for you! I can't give you any good advice, it never happened to me. Can you eventually post pics so we may help you better?
  4. Oh no, I feel your pain. I would take it to a specialist leather cleaner/maintainer and not even try to sort it out myself. Where are you? I know some in London.
  5. erm, I don't really have any ideas except maybe put bag in fridge then crack chocolate off when set!!??? Alternatively try to speak to some experts!
  6. You need to have something that will remove the grease from the chocolate out of the highly porous pigskin. DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself, take it to a specialist leather cleaner. Do not put it in the freezer either as the moisture will destroy the bag.

    This is not something you can rectify yourself, good luck
  7. thanks all for the response. I'm about to go home for the summer. I know one cleaner recommended by Anya where I bought it but I'm not going to that country this summer. I'm heading straight home and I dont know if there is one that specializes in Anya in my country :crybaby: I tried peeling the hardened chocolate off but it's still there. My luggage is gonna smell like chocolate now. :sad: I hope it doesnt get worse with the conditions in the plane since it's gonna be a looong flight
  8. Here's a good but slightly weird idea.. put your bag in the freezer.. the chocolate should harden and should be easy to remove.. good luck!