help celeb bags

  1. Does any one know the style of these bags , That are posted in the celebs with bags thread thank you. :heart: Misha page 1#1 kate moss page 1#2 and nicole ritchie page 8 #118 I know this one says it is Vintage but I was just wondering if anybody knows what the collection would be and maybe what year I love too see old vintage bags Thank you :flowers:
  2. no info?not even on the bag that kate moss has? This one I think is fairly new.
  3. thank you swanky I would have never of found those threads!!
  4. wish I had more concrete answers for you, maybe this will bump it up and get better info from some other ladies!
  5. mischa's bag is from the first season of the O.C., hmm its taller than the petit shopping almost same width, the chain for hers is two seperate full chains, i think its vintage but iunno,she carrys many many chanels on the oc, one of the reasons i watch it
  6. Thank you missbaby:flowers: