help! can't decide whether to buy this 05 rouge day

  1. You need to make sure it's a real second-chance offer before making your decision. For example, you should make sure the offer shows up in your eBay messages and also send the seller an e-mail through the eBay system.

    By the way, I bought my khaki twiggy from this seller with no problems at all.
  2. I :heart: both this color and this style. If I had the funds, I would jump on it. But ITA with Ronda, you should make sure the offer is really coming from the seller and not some scammers.
  3. thanks for the info! i sent the seller a message through the ebay system, so i'll wait to hear. i wonder if it's a scam, since she/he posted to the listing a question i sent to her/him that included my e-mail address (!). :wtf:
  4. That's alarming --I'm the winning bidder on this auction and I've already sent payment. so , if it isn't a scammer e-mailing you, I'm a little concerned. I was so excited about this bag! Now I'm all worried!
  5. oh that does sound worrying - esp. as the seller only has a feedback of 97%..hmm
  6. nah, don't be worried! i just received confirmation from the seller that it's a scam. that's a gorgeous bag, but it's all yours. you won it fair and square :smile:

    now comes the neverending jealousy :p

    be sure to post pics so i can drool!
  7. It's okay -- i've heard from her and all is good. My rouge baby will be on it's way soon!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Your story makes for a great education about being contacted about buying bags from second chance offers on eBay. Thanks for the post and I'm glad you resolved the issues before proceeding.
  9. this seller seems shady. i dont trust second-chance offers only because i feel like they set up the auction so someone else they knew bid you out to get you to pay your highest amount.

    EDIT: nevermind! shouldve read the whole post before replying. ha.
  10. OMG, do it. It's amazing.
  11. i totally would have, if it were a legit offer. i'm sad it's not, but happy that a fellow tPF'er got the gorgeous bag. congrats again, wiggligirl :smile:

    my quest for an 05 rouge theatre day continues...
  12. Thank you bella serafina! You'll find yours soon. Enjoy your new grenat day in the meanwhile -- I'm sure she's gorgeous.

    I'm so excited. I thought this auction would go too high for me thanks to all the gorgeous Rouge Theatre Day pix around here lately.
  13. The Day looks great in that shade of Rouge. It's a good price too!