help~~~~ cannot decide (also LA bbag lovers, please come in)

  1. :confused1:I am trying to decide whether to get a twiggy or a city. this will be my first bbag. i'm 5'5" and weight between 90-100lb.

    since it will be my first bbag, i thought i would go for the signature bag CITY, but then i saw twiggy and thought it was cute. i'm also getting a dior, so don't have enough to buy both city and twiggy (tho that would be really nice!)

    and question for los angeles bbag lovers, i really wanted to go try on twiggy and city before i buy, and after read hmwe46's post, i found:
    California (CA) Barneys Beverly Hills 310.276.4400,
    California (CA) Barneys Costa Mesa
    California (CA) Maxfield Los Angeles 310.274.8800
    I went to costa mesa, and they only have Barney's coop instead of barney's NY. are there any other places carry bbag instead of Barneys beverly hills and maxfield LA?

    thank you very much!
  2. Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach has plenty! Also, Amarees in Newport Beach is a great little boutique!
  3. oh, thank you so much , rolexgirl!!!!!!!
  4. Yes, I agree with Rolexgirl... NM @ Fashion Island has by far the largest little collection I've seen tucked away in the back (in SoCal)... where you're free to try on all the bags... w/o having a SA open a glass case for you~! Have fun! :tup:
  5. FYI - the BH Barneys (and maybe all Barneys) no longer carries the Twiggy style (grrrr), so you won't be able to try it on there.
  6. yeah, going there tomorrow..... NM newport, here I come~~~~~~~
  7. :p
    Oooh, maybe I will see you there, as I was thinking of going up there myself tomorrow! I have owned Bbags since August of 06, but I still have not seen a Day, and a few other styles in real life. And since I have so many City's, First's, and Box style Bbags, I was thinking of getting some different styles if I like the leather and color's of the new season, when they arrive in a couple of months! Unfortunately for me, I have never warmed to the Twiggy style, and the Box has been discontinued!
    Make sure to let us know what you decide to get!
  8. Did you go?? What did you get? What did they have?? :smile:

    I am thinking of going down to Newport Beach NM soon and check out what they have.