HELP! Can a Japanese speaking Chanel lover help me please

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  1. Grateful for any help at all, in helping understand a Japanese website.
    I have been waiting for this Chanel bag for over 2 years for! :crybaby:
    Many many many many many thanks :smile:
  2. 1st of all congratssss of finding your HG, may i know which ones?
    Ow and i think they have special website to translate jap to english where u can install the program etc..
  3. its so confusing, is there any Chanel gals that speaks Japanese out there?
  4. Lookin for some HG chanel bags? Do share with us...LOLL
  5. You can use the google translator.

    I know a little bit of Japanese, but I don't know if I could read it. If you want to send me the text I could try to :smile:
  6. I read Japanese, but my Japanese is not as good as it was 15 years ago. I can try if you send me the link.
  7. Sorry, can't help you out, but I hope you will get your HG bag. Good luck!
  8. Can't help you but good luck with your HG! I hope you get it!
  9. I don't know much about Chanel but I can read Japanese.
    Is it too late?