HELP! blue jeans/dye transfer on/from my bbag... Color Transfer Issues

  1. im so mad, i just wore my black city with a white dress and the color completely came off on the dress, staining it. Has this happened to anyone else and what do I do. I want to be able to wear my bbag with lite clothes!!
  2. Are you sure it is an authentic Balenciaga? I've never heard of this happening.
  3. this has happened to me with my rouge vif courier, definitely authentic. this is just how it is if you wear a bag hard... it rubs across your clothes and after some time the friction from the clothing wears down the shiny surface of the leather and there's nothing to protect the dye. i haven't gotten any hugely noticeable stains on my clothing, usually because i wear darker clothes, but i have noticed a minor colour cast on one of my lighter-coloured items.

    this really sucks, but balenciaga leather is unfinished, so i guess this is just the way it goes. unfinished in the sense that it doesn't have a tough protective coating over it of some sort...

    how often are you using this bag and are you carrying a lot in it? this has only happened with my red courier, which i carry a lot of stuff in, at least 5 lbs. on average, so that surely contributes to the wear.
  4. the only time that's ever happened is with my rouge vif city... but never with any of my other bags. and only when it rains too...
  5. This happened to me once with an older black Balenciaga bag, but I got caught in hours of a downpour... hasn't happened since, but still I plan my outfit/bag combination strategically...
  6. it happened to my rouge vermillion city once too! but it wasn't too obvious and i was wearing a white tank..but i managed to get the stain off my tank though..
  7. hmmm... interesting.... I havent noticed my cafe rubbing off on the white jacket I was wearing the other day... but then again it wasnt in a raining situation like others have mentioned...
  8. Yikes...does Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellant help avoid this?
  9. Yep this can definitely happen... it happened to me with a rouge vif city. But I didn't have a problem getting the color off my top with stain remover.
  10. does this generally happen more with a certain color? seems like the reds and blacks are causing this to happen...
  11. thanks for the heads up...these are two of my fave colors ...very informative :oh:...
  12. I think that this can happen with lots of types of bags.

    I seem to remember that Mulberry bag tags actually warn you about it.

    I would imagine that the risk is worse with the stronger colours. If you are dyeing fabric there is only so much dye that the fibres can take up. After that they are 'over dyed' and the dye is just sitting on the surface. Unless you rinse and rinse and rinse, they will always be prone to dye loss if wet or rubbed. There is only a certain depth of shade that you can achieve before this happens. With the dyes we use at work (in a museum conservation lab) black and deep dark true red are amongst the most difficult shades to achieve safely. Maybe the same applies with leather?
  13. strange that it seems to be happening with the reds. how unfortunate. but yeah, the reds i have seen are extremely saturated.

    i once tried to clean off a dirt stain on my rouge vif with a cotton pad and some water, and noticed that it removed a bit of the red dye!

  14. thanks everyone for your replies :smile:

    luckily the stains completey came out of the dress, but what a pain! Maybe Ill try some apple guard
  15. how weird because i have been using my black city for over 2 years almost everyday and it has never rubbed off. i have heard about this problem with the red colors though.