Help! Black or Sandstone?

  1. Hello all,
    So I am in search of my first bbag! I have decided to get the part time!
    However, I can't decide what color to purchase.
    Sandstone PT with GGH or Black PT with GSH?!
    I love the Sandstone color but afraid of discoloration and not being able to match it with everything.
    I love the black because black goes with everything but worried it would get boring after awhile....
  2. Two totally diffrent bags and actually very complementary, since we're in automne I would start with the black one it's definately not boring and you can get another lighter color next.
  3. ^I agree!
  4. i would go with sandstone !! it looks gorgeous with the GGH.
  5. I would go with sandstone. I think it is a lovely neutral that is really striking with the GGH. Black is always available and can be your next bbag as your first will surely start a habit!
  6. black....for the fall/winter/spring etc.....
  7. Black is a staple and I don't think you'll get bored. However, sandstone is really stunning. I guess it depends on how practical you want to be.
  8. I would go with sandstone, its gorgeous. Black will always be around to pick up at another time.