Help! Balenciaga Serial Numbers

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  1. How does Balenciaga's serial number system work? Do bags of the same style and color have the same serial number? Or each serial number is unique to a particular bag?

    I saw a bag (Balenciaga Day Electric Blue) for sale at that has the same serial number as a bag (same style) for sale in another site. Is it possible that both are authentic? Or is it more likely that one of them is fake?

    I am under the impression that both websites sell only authentic items so I'm quite confused here. I provided links to the website for your reference.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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  3. There's a style number, which bags of the same style share (with some exceptions; limited edition Bbags can have different numbers) and the link BlueKat posted catalogs all the numbers that go with each style. These numbers do not correspond to color. If you'd like a bag authenticated, please post in the Auth This :yes:
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    Thanks BlueKat and Jira! That link you provided is awesome :biggrin:
  5. Hi all!
    I wanted to ask to you if it's possible that two part time (authentic) (same season and same colour) have two different serial number.
    Thanks a lot
  6. Do you mean the paper or the interior serial number? ^^
  7. I mean the interior serial number :smile:
  8. ...on the back of the leather tag :smile:
  9. Now this is tough :thinking:

    If it's the front of the silver tag - it is possible to have different number as it connotes the leather batch..

    However the back of the interior tag, an extract from our Ref Library:
    "The backside of the Leather tag often has the Style/Model number and what is commonly thought of as the Serial Number (listed below by style name/model number)"

    So I am not sure...
    Perhaps wait for others to chime in?

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    Yes, I'm not sure too...:-/
    First pt was authenticated here (two girls told me that it is authentic) and the second is on fashionpile website...
  11. These are the pics.

    Attached Files:

  12. Yes :yes: It's really only the first set (style number) that matters. The second set of numbers changes. Please see here for a list of style numbers. Your PT tag looks fine.
  13. Thanks :smile: what do you mean with "first set"? Two bags seem to have two different first it wrong?
  14. albion the first set is "la prima parte,i primi 6" numbers;),it looks good to me too
  15. The PT tag you posted from Fashionphile comes from a limited edition PT with a Planet. LE Bbags have different numbers.