Help! Bag for first job as a corporate lawyer.

  1. Hi all, I need help finding a professional bag to wear to work that would be able to carry documents, some makeup, wallet, keys, etc. Something classy, preferably black, and professional looking. Any thoughts or ideas? Also price range under $500 please. Thanks so much!!
  2. I worked in a big law firm this summer. A coach bag would be perfect. People will notice it but it won't be flashy. IMO, the large Carly would be perfect.
  3. IMO, this bag is perfect for an attorney! Cole Haan Paige Convertible Tote
  4. ^ I agree.

    A Coach leather carryall would be perfect. I would avoid signature print, though. They cost ~$300 at the outlets...
  5. Coach is a great choice. They make some great briefcases that are still feminine. Plus, it's Coach, so it'll last longer than you ever want it to!
  6. I agree with the tpf-ers above. Coming from someone who's been there, I started out with a black coach hobo and then slowly started building up my collection. Don't bring something too flashy until you are at least more comfortable with your colleagues (you dont want to be the centre of gossip when you are new) or become more established. Mine was the dark black signature series so you couldn't see the "c" logos unless you stood super near the bag and under good lighting. Alternatively, you could look for their dark leather bags. Of course, pple who know bags know that it's branded but it's not ostentatious branded. Good luck with the bag hunt! :smile:
  7. Go for a Coach, but in black leather, not logo. Been there. My first professional bags 20-30 years ago were Coach, and I still use them.
  8. My advice is, wait to buy something that will be a major investment until you have been working there for a little while. That will give you a better idea of how much stuff you will be carrying home on a regular basis. You will also be able to see what kinds of bags other people have. I agree that going with a plain black tote to start with can't go wrong.
  9. If you can find it, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Delancey tote is nice...
  10. I think I would just get a Longchamp tote for now and see how people dress. This also depends on where you are in the country. I think in NYC Coach wouldn't be popular in the big firms, from what I've heard. The female associates tend to wear bigger designer names, like some of my friends wear Prada or the Fendi Spy. In DC people seem to wear Coach more often, but I prefer other brands, Prada, Gucci, or lately Belen En. Maybe a non-logo LV or a nice Chanel tote. I think you really want to see how the female associates who are a few years out are dressing. Are you going to be at a major law firm? Also, you can get a good deal on some beautiful designer bags right now. I think its important to invest in your career wardrobe.
  11. ITA Excellent advice. I started out with a coach briefcase years ago and now have gravitated towards bigger handbags since I really don't carry a lot home with me at night. Some other attorneys here, however, schlep their laptops home every night (I just login remotely) so it really depends on what kind of work you are doing, how much you will be carrying home, etc.

    For court, I always use a briefcase with a should strap. I just have too much to carry by the handles.
  12. My suggestion would be a TODS bag or maybe a COACH hamptons.
  13. Dooney alto gusseted brief in black was my staple briefcase when i first started practicing. theresa kathryn also has some awesome bags that are gorgeous yet understated :smile:
  14. My Cole-Haan Aerin (used to be the Paige) just arrived and it would be perfect. I bought mine in raisin (brown) on eBay for 300 bucks, usually 450.

    I think the MBMJ Delancey is huge, i.e., too big for a corporate lawyer's tote.