Help authenticate this Fendi!!!

  1. Ladies-

    I'm a newbie to the Forum. This is only my second post, so please bear with me!! I know nothing about Fendi Spy bags :confused1: :confused1: and am hoping some of you can help me by looking at this Ebay auction and giving me your thoughts. I need this bag like a hole in the head, but it's sooooo pretty and all girls need pretty things!! :lol: Thanks in advance!

    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI SPY BAG IN PETROL BLUE SOLD OUT (item 280024412540 end time Sep-08-06 00:11:02 PDT)
  2. I'm quite certain it is Not an authentic Spy... the colour is not the right shade for a petrol Spy & they didn't make this shade of blue at Fendi.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a Fendi Spy bag from in the UK. Its not all that easy to spot a fake Spy bag, just check that the Nappa leather smells right, because Nappa leather has a distinct smell, also check all the hardware is marked Fendi. The leather should also be kinda 'bubbly'. Check the stitching as well, specially the weaving around the handles. Find a genuine Fendi Spy bag pictures and compare with close detail. There should be a hologram authenticity label inside and a shiny plaque with 'Fendi' on it, also where the seem is inside the bag there should be a leather label with a long number on it. Obviously no matter where you buy a Fendi bag it should come with all the authenticity cards but they can easily be forged. The other thing to watch for is, when you receive the bag, check the handles on the bag and the hardware, if they have been wrapped in bubble the chances are they have come from a far eastern location (to protect damage in transit) which often means its fake. I choose not to buy my bag from EBay because 95% of the Fendi bags on there are fake, but saying that I have brought a Dior and a channel bag from there with no problems. If the seller tells you that he is offering a 100% money back guarantee if its not genuine, just check he’s willing to refund the POSTAGE to, because some sellers on EBay purely make money from the postage. And the other thing is, ask yourself why anyone would sell a genuine Fendi bag for less then half the retail price? The other thing that strikes me as odd is, where do these sellers come by all these bags? Fendi, Dior etc don’t sell factory seconds or have an ‘outlet’. If the EBay seller tells you they are seconds or ‘end of the line clearance’ or ‘a department store brought to much stock and I am just buying the excess’ yeah that all means the bag is fake. It really annoys me that EBay have allowed the sell of fake designer bags on EBay, but of course they make good money out of it to. I don’t think they realise or care about all the children who have been exploited in far eastern countries to produce these fake designer bags. Its also annoying for genuine sellers, who say like me buy a designer bag a month And then get bored of it and genuinely try to sell it on, it puts buyers off because they don’t know who to trust. Oh and by the way. Paypal is a joke. Sorry to rant! As far as that bag on Ebay goes, it looks all genuine and ok, but I didn't think Fendi made or produced that colour spy bag?? I might be wrong, and there is a chance it might be real, but just watch out! Hope this helps!!!
  4. Hi again, yeah that bag is definatly a fake, the way 'Fendi' has been printed on the lipstick holder is wrong. I just checked and compared with mine.
  5. I really can't tell from the pics, but there are a few things that you should look for. The hardware on the bag should be gold and silver. The stitching should all be straight. Also, it should not be stiff. The leather should also be really soft. If it the is the largest spy, then it should go over the shoulder. I bought a spy bag on ebay and checked the serial number in the inventory system (I work there) and it matched. The bag was still fake. You have to be so careful when buying on ebay. The two times I tried, I got burned. And I don't think aht the spy bag has that random made in italy under the lipstick case. Normally, it will say fendi made in italy. Hope this helps!