Help an Aussie find a Baby Coco Cabas

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  1. I am trying to buy a leather baby Cabas in black, white or silver but I am unable to get one in Australia. I have no idea how I go about purchasing one (if there are any left) through stores in the US or even where to start looking at what stores will sell and ship to Australia.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Ring the Chanel locator no. From Oz it is
    0011 1800 550 0005

    Obviously have to deal with time difference though.
  3. U can wait list for the baby cabas, there will be new release for coming FALL for khaki and black color! but the price will be US$1995. ;)
  4. Thanks tayls do you you ring this number and they find the bag for you or tell you what store to ring?
  5. That will probably be my best option chanelfans I will have to see if my willpower can last until then :smile:
  6. Normally they get your details and get a store to call you, HOWEVER being from Aust I dont think they will call you. Try and get the person to tell you what stores have them and then call them yourself. I did that with some earrings.

    Alternatively try and find yourself a SA contact via much easier then.
  7. U can call Nordstrom, i believe CHANELboy works here:

    952-883-2121, ask for Chanel department

    Hope u can find your dream bag! ;)
  8. Thanks tayls and chanelfans you have been very helpful, the PM was great I will see how I go :smile:
  9. :yahoo:A quick update I found one - thanks to Michele and yingisy for their authentication help in another post.