Help & advice on a new birkin

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  1. HI Everyone:
    I am new to the Hermes forum and would like some advice. I am interested in getting my first ever birkin *very excited*. I am thinking about an orange 30cm. First though I actually have to find a bag....I've been looking for 6mths now and San Francisco store never gets any. Just came back from Paris and they didnt have any when I was there too :sad: Any suggestions on how I could get my hands on one. Also I would appreciate some size and color suggestions too. I am 21 yrs old so I am thinking fun colors right now (orange, pink, blue etc..)
  2. Size suggestions would depend on your personal likes and height. You know, if you prefer bigger vs smaller bags.

    Check out the threads in the Hermes Shopping Sub-Forum for recent finds in boutiques and other places.

    Luck plays a large part unless you wish to go the reseller route.

    Deciding on color and leather was the hardest for me. That took a long time! Best of luck to you.

    And lastly, WELCOME!!!!
  3. I am 5'5 and about 115 lbs. I just saw a pic in another post of a yellow birking.....omg its gorgeous! hahaha now i think I want a yellow one....haha this is so hard
  4. I just recommend reading as many posts in this forum as you can. Especially the previous ones. They are a gold mine. It will take you a few months, but it will be totally worth it. You are among a select group of experts, so gleen from their knowledge and experience. Trust me when I say that your questions have probably already been answered, so do yourself a favor and read, read, read!

    Pay particular attention to relationships with SA's. This is key to your success in your mission! Unless you go the reseller route.

    As for colors, leathers, sizes, I would be open to whatever makes itself available to you. Have options because it is so hard to get the perfect combination.
  5. For your height and size, a 30 or 35 would look fine. I am 5'3 and carry a 35 without looking odd. If you are open to either size that may help your chances.

    On another note, try to familiarize yourself with the leathers. You can do this by just going to a boutique and asking about them. Hopefully a kind SA (sales associate) will show you the LEATHER BOOK which is a huge volume filled with all the leathers in each color. Take special time to peruse the possible colors you are leaning towards in various leathers as certain leathers look better in certain colors. And lastly, try to make note of things you don't like for sure. For example, Epsom leather is a leather that is seen more and more in boutique for "on the shelf" bags. It is a highly durable leather that takes color beautifully yet feels a little stiff (plastic like) to the touch. If this matters to you, for example if you prefer soft leathers when you touch them, then you may be unhappy with that leather. Clemence is soft and sags with time but takes color beautifully. Togo is a favorite of mine, takes color well and is stiffer (the bag will hold its shape) better than in Clemence. Swift is so soft you want to melt into it. Etc, etc.

    So if you know what you absolutely don't like you will be better able to make decisions on the spur of the moment when you are offered something like a Birkin at a boutique.

    I was lucky and special ordered (SO) my first Birkin. But after that I would just tell my SA to call me if anything except such and such came in. For example, "I want a Kelly 28 in black, raisin, or blue jean as long as it's not epsom or swift leather". I would get calls quite fast after that. Also I feel once you can easily talk about your wants to the staff they take you more seriously than say someone they think just wants their most famous bag.
  6. IMO, I think either a 30 or 35 would be nice and the Orange is a great fun colour too. Well choice.
  7. Orange is indeed a fun color, rose shocking is gorgeous and for blue, maybe blue jean? A yellow birkin is difficult to find now I think, unless you get it from a reseller, even then that doesn't pop up often. For your height, a 30 or a 35 would work, but for a 21 year old perhaps a 30 would be better?