Help a man and his eyes :D!

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  1. I'm 20 and I have massive bags, dark circles, slight puffiness and some fine lines under my eyes
    I've tried L'oreal for men eye stuff, Dr Lewinns, Dr Sebagh, with no good results.
    La prairie is quite an investment does anyone know how good it is?
    If not, reccomend some stufff please :biggrin:!
  2. Try a women's eye cream. The ingredients tend to be gentler than men's skin care products and you have a much bigger selection. I really like Chanel Rectifiance for my eyes. I've tried several brands, and it's the only one that lives up to its hype IMO.

    To reduce puffiness, store your eye cream in the refrigerator. It sounds weird, but the coldness really helps to shrink the baggy skin...
  3. hmmm, i think origins has some eye mask thing for cooling the puffiness and all. they once put a sample in my bag but ive never tried it and have lost it. maybe you can go to their counter and ask the beauty consultant.
  4. Elizabeth Ardens Prevage Eye cream is the BEST I have ever used. Do some research on it....the reviews are excellent and I have never been so happy with an eye cream.
  5. Use some concealer by Estee Lauder when going out, hotstuff.
  6. Hey.. I use Malin+Goetz's Eye Cream, and really like it. It's very concentrated, and has got vitamins and rice bran in it to help reduce fine lines and stuff. I alternate this with Dermalogica's Intensive Eye (Something), which is so moisturizing and doesn't give milia seeds. In the day, I swear by Dermalogica's Total Eye Care SPF15.

    For puffiness, I like Origins No Puffery Eye Mask (just slap on some for 10minutes and gently wash off).

    Everytime you apply eye cream, try not to pat it - I like to massage the eye area by applying pressure on the pressure spots like the brow bone and the around the eye socket. This helps in reducing puffiness and makes your eye area look clean, fresh and totally healthy.
  7. last time i got a facial, the therapist told me to brew weak tea and pour it into ice cube trays and gently rub them under your eyes. according to her the combo of caffeine and ice helps the circles.
  8. as for concealer, use one thats yellow. yellow tint counteracts the :tup:the dark circles
  9. Haha, my GF's mom is incredibly shallow, she made me get a facial and made me wear concelar on a blemish or two before I met her mom, and I secretly use it when going to important things :P

    But yeah, thanks for the great advice, ill try some of the shizz out, and give my replys :biggrin:!
  10. I'm a guy too. I found your post while looking for help with my dark circles and redness at the sides of the nose as well as a bit of puffiness. I have allergies.

    For about 3 weeks I've been using Lancome High Resolution Collaser 48 as well as their High Resolution Eye Cream with Fiberlastine.

    It has reduced the redness but I still have some dark circles. The puffiness isn't as bad. I apply the products once a day (although per instructions supposed to be twice a day - once in am, again in pm). I have to admit I am a bit disappointed because each product was about $70 and I expected better results. I've read elsewhere that Olay Definity Eye Illuminator works and I will try that later on.
  11. My bf has really bad under eye circles and I got him Murad lighten and brighten eye treatment to use. It's been a few weeks and I'm seeing an improvement...

  12. Is it more than a concealer though? I already have some concealer from Clinique and I had to put on tons to cover my redness and dark circles.
  13. ^It's not a concealer at all. Just a treatment to lighten the skin.
  14. I second sunshine's recommendation of Prevage--I have it and it is great!!
  15. I'm looking for such a product myself and am looking at Make Up Alley, sorted by highest to lowest satisfaction ratings with more than 5 reviews, and overall satisfaction ratings of 100%. This is what I get:

    Prescriptives Vibrant C
    Guerlain Substantific Eye & Lip Contour Treatment
    Isomers Absolute Eye Serum
    Avon Ageless results renewing eye cream
    Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream
    Ren Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Serum

    Conversely popular brands rank with their satisfaction (buy again) %:

    Chanel Rectifiance Eye 71% << highest Chanel eye product rating
    La Mer Eye Balm 46%
    La Mer Eye Concentrate 66%
    La Prairie Age Management Stimulus Complex Eyes 82% << highest for LP
    Bare Minerals Eye Rev-er Upper 55%
    Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel 81% << highest Clinique
    Clinique All About Eyes 46%
    L'Oreal Visible Results Eye 19%
    L'Oreal Line Eraser Eye 70% << highest for the L'oreal line
    Murad Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8 100% (only 2 ratings)
    Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel 51%
    Olay Age Defying Revitilizing Eye Gel 61% << highest Olay