Help a Husband Please??

Nov 17, 2007
United Kingdom
Hi Ladies!

I need your help and expertise! My wife loves this site and has told me about all the knowledge she has gained from it so I'm helping you can guide me.

My wife has quite a lot of handbags but has yet to own one from Hermes. I know this would make her really, really happy so I'm planning on surprising her next year.

I know she wants a Kelly (black 32cm in box calf). I've sneaked a look at her notes and can see she wants the rigide structured type not souple (does souple mean it is more casual?). I've noticed talk about sellier and retourne too though so now I'm really confused. Are sellier and rigide one of the same and souple and retourne the same thing?

I really don't want to get it wrong.

Thanks for your help (and patience if I am not making any sense!)


Jan 18, 2006
Welcome! Here is the breakdown to help you:

sellier is the same thing as rigide
retourne is the same thing as souple

A 32cm Black Box Sellier/Rigide Kelly would be absolutely amazing! she will love it!!!!!! Please report back once you give it to her- we will all help celebrate! And if you have any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to ask!
What a fantastic husband!
Have you managed to look at the reference section?

Personally I love the souple ( slouchy) I find the rigide a little more formal and I use the tube, London bus quite a bit and when walking and having to use the shoulder strap as I have lots of other bags to carry , I find ( dont laugh) the rigide bag bounces of my hip/back whilst the souple does not.

But if your wife really wants the rigide , then that has to be the one!

Rigide ( stiching on the outside) double cuir
souple ( stiched on the inside)

This is my black box calf Kelly 32 souple ( forty years old)

I totally adore this bag

And my rigide Ostrich Kelly bag

( this is the one that bounces of my back when I walk :rolleyes:)

I do prefer the sloppy one


Enjoy yourself!
Jul 31, 2006
What a fabulous husband you are, she´s lucky to have you!

ardneish-Gorgeous Kellys both of them!


Purple Love
Oct 25, 2006
I think the 40 year old black box looks amazing. I can only hope that I'll still have my box bag after all that time and it'll look as good :tup:

Good luck Husband Orange, hope you manage to get the perfect bag for your wife. What a lovely thing to do!
Jun 27, 2006
oooh i love fabulous hubbies!!!!! especially H daddy fabulous hubbies/SOs!! hehe i think the 32cm black box kelly is the perfect choice for a 1st H bag!!!

ardneish: OMG 40yrs old!!!!???? AMAZING!!! this is why i love the kelly bag!!! love super vintage ones!!!
Jul 9, 2006
I love my DH dearly but he's just not into bags of any kind....what a dear you are to find that perfect bag for your wife:girlsigh:


Bolduc Ribbon Girl
Apr 30, 2007
ardneish, your Kelly is 40 years old?! WOW!! It looks amazing!! Husband Orange, you are so sweet!!!! Good luck!! :smile:


Aug 22, 2007
You are such a lovely Husband. I'm sure your wife will be pleased with kelly bag that you will surprise her. :tup:

ardneish Both bags are so nice. :smile:
Yes she is forty years old and used at least twice a week! she does not scratch at all now.

I just use a damp cloth on her, and sometimes Hermes Baume Mourrissmant nourishing cream that Hermes make.

She is the one I always grab , poor Ostrich never got taken out much.

thankyou for your lovely comments

I adore box its my fave leather.

( cept for croc)