Hell's Kitchen

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  1. Anyone watch the new season? Quite a strange bunch.
  2. Me :biggrin:
  3. That Raj guy has issues!
  4. ^Raj does have issues but that Vinny guy is a major a**, along with Boris - seriously ganging up on one person and throwing things at him??? All of them seem to have a really bad violent streak.

    I'm liking this season so far - the other season was a major disappointment.
  5. This season definitly is more interesting than the last.

    The blonde girl with the glasses is kind of creepy. I had a thought that maybe she and Raj were moles. They just seem too strange.
  6. I think Raj should have been the first person out. What the hell is he staying around for? The blonde girl with the glasses is going to get knocked out before the season ends. She is beyond drama queen.
  7. I agree. I think she has too much 'tude. Chef Ramsey will definitely knock her down a few notches. :graucho:
  8. We were talking about this show at work the other day. Where do they get these contestants? How are you 49 (or 47 can't remember which) with kitchen experience and cook a scallop? Are these people actors? It would seem you could cook a simple appetizer!
  9. I've been watching this show since it's first season and hate that the competition is always done in a "men vs the women" format. Of course, the guys become chauvinistic pigs and are totally disrespectful of the women. This new group of cheftestants don't seem to be as sexist. Maybe they're too distracted with the weirdos that they have amongst themselves.
  10. I agree, I'm getting sick of the groups being divided by gender. And at some point Gordan always swaps a person from each team.
  11. We were talking about that too. I wish he would divide the group up a different way. Chevs vs. Line Cooks, east coast vs. west coast, etc.
  12. There seem to be only a few contestants this season that could even remotely be considered for a position running one of Ramsay's restaurants. Either they are purposely trying to make things more amusing, or the producers were seriously impaired when they picked the contestants.

    I think they go out of their way to find people who absolutely cannot work successfully in a kitchen. Otherwise, how could so many cooks be incapable of preparing food?
  13. ^^^ this.
    I feel bad for Ramsay that he has to pick his Executive Chef out of this group?!
  14. They totally do.
  15. I'm watching the first (U.S.) season and I really like it! :amuse: