Hello Wedge Lovers! Post. Pics. of your wedges

  1. Share with us how many pairs you have! and why you love them so much:nuts: ..pics. welcome! :smile:

    Attached is a pic. of my new wedges I'm wearing today. I love wedges because they are super comfortable and make me taller!:graucho: I have approx. 14 pairs of wedges.
    Guess_1.JPG Guess_2.JPG
  2. I love wedges, but I don't think I have pics of any of my pairs except from this one (I don't think I ever wore these :p )

  3. ahhh I adore wedges, I am fairly short at 5.2" and they are a godsend to me! I just got a gorgeous new Dolce & Gabanna pair, which are really high!, but here are some of my other fave wedges ;)

    Terry De Havilland

    I have a fair few others too, but have not taken piccies of them, its safe to say I am a wedge addict ;)
  4. Mother of all tomatoes!!!:wtf: :wtf: girls, they are gorgeous!!!!:drool: :drool:
  6. i dont have a pic but i just got a pair i chanel wedges.
  7. don't tell me U are the one who bought a pair of Chanel wedges I was watching on eBay!? :death: :roflmfao:
  8. OMG Chloe-babe, your collection is TDF:drool:

    I'm 5'8" in bare feet and I don't like to tower over people, so I'm mostly a flats girl:shame: , but I do have these Marc by MJ wedges that I absolutely love
  9. lucky you!:blah: ... I wish. I'm 5'2" :sad:
  10. Oh, believe me, I'm not complaining at all:p
  11. I love all your wedges :nuts: I have a few and wishing for more
    vuitton.JPG vuitton2.JPG vuitton3.JPG miumiuw.jpg sergior.jpg
  12. ...and a few more :wlae: I could only find a stock pic of the MBMJ but they look better in it anyway :shame:
    DG.JPG kors.JPG Marc.jpg cl.jpg
  13. Icechick! Your MiuMiu's are toooooooo cute!
  14. Nothing special, but.. here are two of mine..

    The first i bought at JCrew, and the other is Steven by Steve Madden.. they were my absolute favourite and most worn this summer!


    Sorry for the monterous size!!