Hello! To My Fav Forum Ladies and Gents

Aug 19, 2009
Hi all I am new to finally signing in but not new to this forum. I am married 2 grown kids DS and DD. I have been reading the Coach forum as a lurker for over a year or more I know crazy!! But I can truthfully say you are the best subforum around everyone is so helpful, supportive, kind, funny, just good group of people.

I have loved and wore Coach for many, many years and it is so refreshing to have others to share this passion with.

I love and have the classics.But love and have the others Legacy, Madison, Zoe and love wallets and fobs, etc. the jewerlry too. So I will stop now and post some of my pieces later when I get home and figure the system out on the how to.

So Coachies that's all she wrote for now
Aug 19, 2009
Hi everyone thank you all for the welcome. I am home and in the right place in this forum you ladies and gents rock. I am still at work but since I am a State Worker in my best Governors voice in CaliForya!! lol. I am furfough Friday tomorrow and will get some pics up then.
Dec 1, 2008
Hey there! It's always good to meet new coachies. :peace: It is refreshing to have other people who enjoy their bags every bit as much as you enjoy yours... right? :amuse:
Jul 4, 2008
I love hanging out in coach forum. The members here are really friendly and helpful. Welcome and I can't wait to see your coach collection.