Hello! some questions

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  1. :woohoo:I feel as if I have been completly out of the loop!! I have never seen a Tokidoki until today online! My cousin had one and I instantly fell in love with her Buon Viaggo! Im headed to our Macys tomorrow in hopes of seeing it in person, but since I got a glance of one Ive been doing all types of searches which brought me here! Tell me more! I really love the prints from Fall 06 and after reading thru a few threads Im scared to buy off eBay and get a fake. Oh and the Buon Viaggo & Mamma Mia are they really different in size? Im so excited I have been in search for the perfect sooooo Me tote but have only come across boring ones or just plain ugly. I showed my fiance and his 1st reaction was 'That bag is really you':love: I really like the wristlets too!! ohhh Im in purse heaven :wlae:
  2. Congrats on discovering tokidoki!

    Well for me, Buon Viaggio is one of my favorite styles. It's a little on the big side but I think it's perfect. If you aren't use to larger bags, I'd say get a Mamma Mia, or better yet both! =)

    To help you with spotting fakes on eBay check out this site!
  3. :drool:Today is Day 2 of drooling over all the Tokidoki bags!!! Im loving the BV!! Is the Mamma Mia still avail in stores?? Ive been watching a few on e-bay... I love ALL of them so far but I only need 1 I think :yahoo: Thank you for the link im going to check that out
  4. You're so cute. I remember when Toki was brand new to me and I was obsessed with it 24/7. It was a lot of fun. :party: You'll probably have a hard time finding a Mamma Mia in stores as it was discontinued on the mainland US about three prints ago :push: eBay will probably be your best bet for one. They continued making the mamma mia and selling it in Guam and Hawaii only and their prices are a lot higher than here on the mainland. Good luck on your toki hunt and welcome to the obsession! :graucho:
  5. Those were the days! :drinks:
  6. ^ Those are still my days :biggrin:!

    MM and BV doesn't look that different. I know there is a bag reference thread some place...
  7. :heart: Im excited to get my hands on one ASAP!! My eyes are going crosseyed after reading thru thread after thread about Todidoki :drool:
  8. so did you get a bag? what print/style? so exciting!
  9. I also said that I would only need one bag too...now I have 3 (1 of them non-LeSportsac, but an original before the collaboration)! It's been almost a year since I was first introduced to Toki...I'm still obsessed 24/7. :tup:
  10. Check out this post for Mamma Mia/Buon Viaggio reference pics:

    Bubblesung's pics

    The BV is substantially bigger, and that's why I prefer it. It's so versatile...it makes a great travel bag, work bag, gym bag, purse...anything! Plus, you can get it in the more recent prints since the MM was discontinued.
  11. I'm still in lust after 2 years of being introduced to it by my sister. I find that a particular style or print doesn't appeal to me at first, but over time I grow to love it and have to resort to eBay to find my love and pay an arm and a leg. :cursing:

    I love both the MM and BV. It depends what i'm hauling around that day. If i have the kids w/me, chances are it's the BV. If it's just me..it's the MM. I'm still in a desperate search for an OP Mamma. :drool:
  12. I'm also fairly late in the game of falling in love with Tokidoki! I bought a Notte Campeggio (w/Citti interior) last October, at the time I kinda' knew about TD, but not really. I was mainly looking for a practical bag to carry stuff around for my two little boys. I wanted a print (i believe Famiglia, Trasporto and Tutti were the only prints i remember seeing at the time), but stuck with something more practical (NotteCampeggio) - which I absolutely LOVE - the best bag to carry with kids in tow! I love the print inside, and when I open the pocket where I keep my makeup, a Polpettina is right there peeking out at me...love her! Now, I'm regretting not searching around for at least a Spiaggia bag back then.

    After finding out the LSS/TD collaboration is ending with Vacanze and also seeing how outrageous prices are on EBay, I decided to use a Nordstrom gift card I've been holding on to to buy a Vacanze Gioco - which I think was the last one on the site, because it didn't appear in a search the day after I bought it! I'm now waiting for it to arrive, which should be tomorrow. Was a little hesitant about Vacanze, cuz it's so winter-y, but I'm sure I'll love it!

    After thinking all weekend about my Vacanze Gioco, I kept obsessing (reading this forum didn't help!) and decided to buy a full price Trasporto Zucca off of the Tokidoki website! Ack! After seeing the prices on EBay, with shipping it all costs pretty much the same, so I decided to buy it from some place reputable (I'm not much of an Ebay-er). At least I'll be getting a free keychain with my purchase :shame: While Trasporto is not as cheerful as other prints, I adore the characters on it!

    Anyhoo...maybe it's good I'm just getting into TD now, I'm sure if I got into it from the get-go, I'd have a bag in every print!

    My dream bag: FORESTA ZUCCA
    (Man I just love Foresta! Kicking myself for not knowing about it back then!)

    Sorry to hijack your thread here! Was just relating because I'm also a TD newbie.

    Hope you find your bag, soon!!
  13. I believe finding Tokis nowadays for a good price is like a treasure hunt. ^^ When you do find one that you really like, it's hard to let go.

    I got into it late as well but I got hooked so somehow I ended up with five bags. So much for saving...
  14. I feel the same way, too!
    I remember seeing the tokidoki bags all the way in winter 06, but I think I was just obsessed with the bear qee and tried to take it off, but it had the plastic around it (bad me!) xD
    I actually fell in love with tokidoki when I made a new friend that rode the bus and she had a transporto campieggio, I've been in love every since, haah!
    I hope you find the bag you're looking for!
  15. i didnt get a bag yet im sooooo disappointed! our stores around here do not carry them :crybaby: im trying to convince my fiance to take a trip to chicago hoping that a bigger city would carry them, he hates when i buy things online although right now thats my only choice...... for a few weeks now i have been just reading and staring at all things Tokidoki online and :drool:........the store locator on the tokidoki website is not working for some reason, i put in a few different zipcodes and states..... I live in Indiana and am a hop and a skip away from MI & IL!

    I plan on getting Tokidoki skins for my ipod!! and DS!!

    I wish there were a forsale or trade forum on here though to find purses becuase I just do not trust e-bay.:s