Hello~ PICS of chanel crystal earrings size comparison?

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  1. Hello~ I am looking to purchase a pair of chanel crystal logo earrings and I have searched the forum for the small size versus the medium size...and I cannot a pic anywhere:confused1:

    Does anybody have pics of wearing both sizes?

    Is this small and this medium?

    Thank you for your help~ I do not live near a chanel boutique and have to rely on your expertise:heart: Many thanks!

  2. I would like to see as well!
  3. I think the picture on the left is the small size, and the one on the right is the medium size.
  4. That's what I was thinking ^^^. I think I should go for the medium size. I have medium length hair, and I would like to actually see them. ;). Does anyone know the retail price for the medium? I know the small is $210.00.

    Thanks for responding!:okay:

  5. whats the style number on this?
  6. hmmm I thought the small were like 195 and the larger ones were 225?
  7. the small is 195 and medium is 210 and large is 225
  8. oh there's three? wow someone post pics please!
  9. Thank you!^^ My sister works as a manager at Neiman Marcus, so I am going to order the medium size from her. She gets a discount, so that will help out. :graucho: