Hello Kitty Rebecca Minkoff

  1. cute!!!! a little pricy tho!
  2. :yes: i love hello kitty and i am almost 25! :shame: haha I really like taht but i wouldnt pay that much for it :p
  3. I love that!!! But I wouldn't pay $150 for it either, I'd pay up to $50.
  4. Cute but ... umm .. I'll pass on this one.
  5. lol...i stopped being 25 long long long time ago, but still loving hello kitty!!
    as for the coin purse it is a bit much.
  6. I'd never pay that much for it, and I actually don't find it really cute.
    I like Hello Kitty, but that brown is really not my thing.
  7. It's cute, and I love me some Hello Kitty but I don't think I'd ever pay that much for it....
  8. I like hello kitty too (I'm gonna be 25 in a couple of days) but this is too plain for me to even describe it as cute.
  9. it's cute- but not $150 cute