Hello Kitty goodies at Target for a dollar!

  1. I went to Target tonight, and I went straight to the dollar section in the front of the store immediately as usual. I was surprised to find a variety of too-cute-for-words Hello Kitty stuff! :nuts: They had notepads, dry erase boards, pens, hair clips, magnets, stickers, pencil/makeup cases, and even a small tote bag! And it was all a dollar! Here's a pic of what I grabbed. These mini gel pens and notepad are perfect size for carrying in your purse.
  2. How effing cute. I need to hit target like soon.
  3. very cute..anytime I go to Target, I always stop at $1 section ..thanks for sharing..
  4. Oh, and they also had packs of mini Christmas tree ornaments shaped like purses and shoes!
  5. So cute! I love the dollar section at Target, so much better than the regular dollar stores near me.
  6. oooh i got a purple pen with 4 colors for a dollar at target yesterday! :smile:
  7. thanks for sharing!

    i love hello kitty and i love a good bargain :smile:
  8. How cute!!!! I remember a few months ago, they had different hello kitty items, and I bought a lot of them(only a dollar), and I can't wait to check out the new HK dollar items! I love HK!!
  9. hehe. i got those!
    couldn't help but think of tpf!
  10. i love the $1 section... they have some of the cutest things sometimes.
  11. thanks for sharing!
  12. They also have a hello kitty toaster for only $20. It's so cute, the toast comes out with hello kitty's face. I was thinking of getting one, but my mom stopped me.I already have a winnie the pooh and a cinderella toaster.
  13. so cute!! *sigh* i :heart: Target!!
  14. I saw those too the other day. They're so cute and can make great stocking stuffers.
  15. Aww that's rly cute :heart: