Hello from NJ

  1. Hello, my name is Lisa and I am new to tpf. Wanted to introduce myself. Im so glad I found other Hermes lovers out there who I can talk to.
    The reason I found this forum (website) was because i bought 2 new bags this weekend and wanted information on them, which is not easy to come by. I have a pretty decent collection...and this weekend picked up a Victoria ( I think thats what its called) and another bag Im not sure of the name.....I think my SA said web??? but Im ot sure
    Why cant I find any information? Im thinking of calling my SA and asking for a employee catalogue. Can any one help???
  2. Sounds like new Victoria style and Web version of Bolide... Welcome!
  3. welcome?

    why an employee catalog. I am not sure if they would give you that but do post pics of your new beauts!
  4. What's Up NJ...Hello From LA!!

    Welcome to Hermes tpfr!!

    I love the "Victoria Fourre Tout" bag..is it the one with Long shoulder Handles or Tote??
    What color and size did you get. Please dont forget to post pics!
  5. woo victoria fourre tout and web 1923 bolide? very nice! what color and sizes? we love to drool over each other bags here.
  6. How do I post pictures???

  7. Here are pics of my 2 purchases this weekend.

    7-25-07 003.JPG 7-25-07 004.JPG
  8. YUMMY!!!!:drool::drool::drool: thank you for the eye candy!
    what size is the victoria bag? (next thing we are going to ask you for modeling picture. hehehe).
  9. Hello and welcome..and wow that Bolide is TDF!
  10. Welcome HermesLover07!! It's always great when another Jersey girl joins tPF!
  11. Welcome. There are quite a few Jersey girls here. You have excellent company!
  12. Love them both, congrats

    All the info you need is right here....
  13. Welcome HermesLover07!!
    If it is info, or comrade you are looking for you have come to the right place. This forum is filled with excellent info, ladies that really know their stuff when it come to H, and just a great bunch overall!
    Congrats on your new bags, they are gorgeous. I love turquoise and red - two of my favorite colors!!
  14. Congratulations Hermeslover07! Colors are stunning. Enjoy!

    BTW, I would make it a point to ask for the white card which has the description and barcode that comes along the original box of each bag. In this way, you can identify the style, size and leather used in making your bag. This card is usually attached to the outer box when it comes in shrinkwrapped. They usually save it. It is a good way also of authenticating your bag.
  15. Beautiful bags!

    Another Jersey girl is always welcome!