hello, everyone...i have 2 questions about chanel.

  1. :phi, everyone...i've been reading thread here for a long time...i love chanel for a long time...but only have a jumbo large classic flap( a chane wallet,a diary, 2 pairs of earrings, 3 pendents and a bangle...becoz chanel is a bit pricy for me, especially after nov 1st...and i will start giving up other brands for chanel...coz its really a great brand...
    anyway...i just have a question, i've heard that only the classic line of the handbags have been increased...and the seasonal line havent...is that true??? btw...have chanel shoes and accessories been increased???
    all feedbacks are welcome:smile:

  2. Correct. It was the timeless line of handbags & accessories that was increased. The patents and alot of the seasonal lines did not go up though there is a thread indicating those may go up next month. Check the price increase thread for more details. The jewelry prices went up in September.
  3. good question!
  4. thanks very much ronsdiva!!! its very helpful!!!!
  5. There are RUMORS that the bags NOT affected by the November 1st increase will be increased mid-December. The increase, if it does take place, will not affect bags already increased on Nov 1st and will not be as drastic as the November 22% increase.

    This hasn't been confirmed as fact yet, but all in all, there's no better time to buy than now since Chanel prices don't go anywhere but wayyyy up.

  6. thanks very much for u help...i read the thread about the dec 12th price increase again. so i am thinking about buy one bag which havent been increased by that time...:yahoo: