Hello Everyone! Donna Here!!!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. I am a Social Media Manager and looking forward to becoming a fashion enthusiastic (kind of Newyear Goal) so, I would consider myself as a beginner. I would require a lot of inspiration and tips because I know how lazy I am when it comes to learning new things .
    Cheers & love to every community member
  2. Welcome Donna. :smile:
    I love this forum. I’m sure you will too.
    Love right back atcha!:heart:
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  3. Hi Donna! Welcome! :wave:
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  4. Thank you for such an overwhelming welcome :heart:
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  5. Thank you :amuse:
  6. Welcome!!
  7. Thank you :amuse:
  8. Welcome Donna, good to have you on TPF!