hello every one i am a newbie! :-)

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  1. Hello everyone! i have only signed up today...

    I looove my mulberry bags and am deliberating my next purchase, cant decide between a fuschia antiqued leather mabel or a baby pink nappa one and hoped you lovely people will point me in the right direction.
  2. welcome

    you will love it here. the mabels have been at outlet a lot lately.
    also you could try ebay but make sure you get it autenticated buy the girls in the authenticate this thread first :smile:
  3. Thank you for that... i have sent one to them so hope to hear soon :smile:
  4. fingers crossed then.
  5. Hello, big welcome to you - I can sense another purchase coming along :biggrin: !!
  6. Hi and welcome. Look forward to seeing what you go for.
  7. :welcome2:
    I can't help you with your choice as I am the forum's pinkophobe :biggrin: but there will be lots of people who will!
  8. Hi there and welcome!
    Good luck with choosing your new bag and make sure to tell and show us all about it!
  9. Thank you all for messages you will be first ones to know! How long does the authenticate this thread normally take please as one of them is an eBay one? Xx
  10. Two of the authenticators are off for the weekend but Jazzy will usually be on in the morning
  11. hello, and a huge welcome.. hope the bag turns out well for you good luck im sure it will be the first of many lol....
  12. :welcome2: fingers crossed for you! Let us know....
  13. Welcome to the Forum!! xx
  14. Welcome...you will love "the Mulberry gals". Wonderful, enthusiastic and HELPFUL!
    I'm in the US and depend on "the girls" for a lot of insight.
  15. No other place will support and encourage your habit like this forum will!

    I, too, am across the pond (Canada) and rely on the lovely ladies here for advice and, more importantly, enabling!