Helen Ficalora

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  1. I just bought a Helen Ficalora necklace for myself as an early birthday present. So cute, and the shop in NYC is so homey. Are there any other fans here? She's been getting a lot of press lately - NY Magazine, the Today Show, and Martha Stewart. I'd like to say that I was a trendsetter, but oh well...I guess I was a little late :smile:

  2. i've never actually seen her stuff before and just had a look on the website, i think the charms are very cute but some of the stuff i'm not sure about.
    I thoguht the Tulip charm was very pretty,
  3. Yeah, not everything is great. I think she's mostly known for the charms, which are cute. Her style is very "rustic" which I like. It's definitely not the polished piece you get with Tiffany or Cartier...