Helen E Riegle, Laurel Brandstetter, Tulay Altin, Nam Kim bags

  1. Hi, these bags by independent designers (I love to look at independent designers' work) look cool, IMHO. Have any of you bought their bags?

    To quote an article from STYLINGWORLD.com about one of the designers, Helen E Riegle:


    Helen models her designs on objects found in nature. Coupling her “green chic” aesthetic and business ideals to favour pure silk, hemp canvas, and other sustainable materials over leather, Helen’s handbags are a perfect complement to values that are really just taking hold in the public – values like personal responsibility and self-awareness


    Pics off shoptrunkt.com

    Helen E Riegle Leaf bag (a laptop bag)

    I love the clean-looking lines of the above bag.

    Helen E Riegle glory tote

    Helen E Riegle crocus tote

    Helen E Riegle lilybag

    Sherry Brown slouch tote

    Sherry Brown travelcity tote

    Laurel Brandstetter Globetrot tote

    Tulay Altin lily tote

    Nam Kim fly by night bag

    Helen E Riegle lotus bag
  2. Never seen these before, thanks for sharing! Long totes arent really my thing though and I'm not sure I love the patterns.

    I like this one though -

  3. Hi abandoned, good to hear from you. I didn't realise that I'd posted about that bag before - Sherry Brown has her own website, urban kitty.

    Cute patchwork bag

    This site has some very pretty jewellery - very reasonably-priced too. The number of talented independent designers (handbags, jewellery etc) in the US is amazing, I think.
  4. As always, passerby, you come up with the best stuff! WTG. Love the helen reigel stuff
  5. Thanks, Greenie. :biggrin: Am now very interested in indie designers stuff (thanks mainly to grechenscloset :biggrin: )