Heatstamp on vernis?

  1. I am thinking of getting a heatstamp on my new pom agenda....on the inside, of course....but can it be done on Vernis without scratching it?

    Anyone know?
  2. I was told by the Ala Moana store and the Hilton Hawaiian store that they wouldn't heat stamp the vernis. They said that the vernis might melt... You could always check your local LV boutique though. These boutiques also said that handbags couldn't be heatstamped and I've seen speedy bags that were done.
  3. I called my boutique and was told yes, but only in the inside!
  4. only inside ... have fun
  5. thanks for the info. :biggrin: cheers!
  6. OHHHHH, you sure?! Then im goin tomorrow!!!!!!:nuts:
  7. my sister has a vernis PTI with a heat stamp inside...it's really cute
  8. Thanks! I am going to bring it in, next time I go!