Hearts On Fire Fulfillment Diamond Necklace

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  1. I am thinking of getting the Hearts On Fire .50 ct diamond Fulfillment necklace.
    Does anyone own one of these and what do you all think of Hearts On Fire?
  2. I don't own this...but i think HOF is....:drool:. I wouldn't mind a HOF engagement ring lol. Anyways, that's not on your topic. From my recollection, didn't you purchase something that's HOF before?

    About the necklace, maybe you can post a picture of it for us, we'd love to see how it looks like. And maybe others might want to get it too.
  3. I think the site I just found them on is waterfall jewelers. I like the HOF fulfillment DREAM pendant more than the round one. I also like the mosaic pendant. $10,000 sounds a lot - I'd have to see in person!
  4. I have this necklace and I love it! In fact, I have the matching drop earrings. My engagement ring and wedding band are also HOF. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. If you would like to see any pics, just let me know:smile:
  5. ^^ ohh, it must be you then risingsun, you've posted your new goodies for us to see before, right?
  6. I have, indeed:smile: They can be found in the reference threads and my HOF upgrade thread.