Heartbroken! I lost the auction for the royal/brown basketweave MAB! r/o

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  1. I'm so stupid for not watching that auction more carefully, it ended before I could up my maximum bid. :crybaby:
    Does anyone happen to know where I can find another one? I know its probably a lost cause, but if anyone can find one, you guys can.:yes:
  2. well there's a MAM in blue/wickerweave...
    i know its not the same as basketweave but...
    ummm in case u decide u want the wickerweave one, its on FunkyLaLa :smile:

    here's one of the pics:
  3. Aw, thanks! I definitely want the regular size, though - not the mini.
  4. Have you checked all the websites that sell RM? I know I saw one on Friday but I can't remember which site!!!
  5. All the ones I can think of, but I'm sure I may have overlooked a few. If you really did see one, I will be so happy!
  6. I'll look out for you! Don't worry, another one will come along soon. :yes:
  7. Aw, I saw that auction too and I contemplated bidding on it but I decided not to. I lost an auction for a ring today that I really wanted, I was outbid in the last minute. It's been bugging me all day so I know how you're feeling. Darn those woulda, shoulda, couldas!
  8. I am on the same boat as you, ladies! Well, the auction is not over yet, but the amount it is now is already waaaay outta my league:sad: oh well, better luck next time...:crybaby:
  9. It's so frustrating when that happens, especially when you don't think anyone else will outbid you:sad:
  10. I hate it when that happens!! You might email the winner just to let her know that your interested in case she doens't love it?
  11. Thanks Michaelle, I'll do that and keep my fingers crossed.
  12. I will keep an eye out for you! One will pop up! =)