Heart Dilemma

  1. I have heard from a few SA's that the hearts are coming out tomorrow, Feb 1, in the US...I put my name on the waitlist for a pomme one back in Dec at my two favorite stores...My SA at the one store called and told me that they only received in 2 pomme hearts and I was number 3 on the list...She said I could buy an amarante one...The other store is a smaller boutique that did not receive in any hearts at all..
    Should I buy the amarante heart now or wait and see if I get a call for a pomme...
    I am worried about missing out altogether like I did last year...what should I do????
  2. i would wait for the pomme since you don't like the amarante that much. well, maybe you do like the amarante, but do you love it? if you don't love it, dno't buy or you might regret it.
  3. I love the color amarante, I recently bought the bellevue gm and the new cles in amarante, but I have my mind set on the heart in pomme
    Both SA's I spoke with weren't sure any more would be coming in, they said the release is "very limited"
  4. I would grab it, and if they get another shipment, which i was told is a longshot at least you have one, rather than nothing
  5. I were you, I would still wait for the pomme. Personally, amarante is the color i like at least..

    I'm waiting for my hearts too.. i waitlisted the light purple & the gold one, still havent heard from my SA. I'm going to Vegas tmr, hoping there will be more available over there
  6. I would take the Amarante if you like it at all if you don't then wait & take a chance.
  7. If you like the aramante then I would buy it, you can always sell it later if you happen to get the pomme color.:tup:
  8. What is more important to you, having a heart or having a heart in a certain color? I know that Pomme is your first choice, but would be heart broken without a heart this year? If so than I might go for the Amarante and ask to be left on the Pomme list as well, that way you can always return the Amarante if a Pomme becomes available, KWIM?
  9. thank you all for your advice...I forgot to mention that DH and I were in Italy last week and I was lucky enough to pick up a pomme cosmetic case and a silver heart...but...I really wanted a pomme heart:sad:...I think I am going to get the amarante heart, my SA said she will keep me on the list for pomme (I will be first on the list) and if it comes in I can return the amarante as long as I don't use it!