Heard back from some schools!

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
Best day ever. Okay, not today, yesterday. Woke up late and checked my email, had a letter from Stanford Law saying welcome to the class of 2010! Freaked out and ran around the house. One of my best friends from high school called and we made plans to hang out with two of our other girls. Four of us arranged to have dinner. On my way out to LA, checked my voicemail, had a call from Harvard Law saying welcome to the class of 2010. Then had a call from UPS saying my Chanel Cabas is coming today! Then went to dinner with girlfriends, one of whom I hadn't seen since summer, and it was the first time the four of us were together for a long time! Anyway, so it's great to be home, and it's great to be into law school, and wanted to share with you guys. Sorry if this was obnoxious but I can't brag to anyone else! Don't hate me! Gimme high fives :heart:. And so excited to get my Cabas today.
im so happy for you, congrats!! I am in that college process right now, and its nerve racking haha, terrifying infact! wow, im very impressed, those are some great places! goodluck choosing lol
OH WOW!!!! congrats are in order for you:drinkup: That is such great news that you got accepted to Standford and Harvard, way to go!! Hard choice to pick now?? I'm so excited for you!!!!:yahoo:
congrats on your grades too....aren't you so relieved?!
Well between Stanford and Harvard, I'm not sure, but still waiting on Yale...their process isn't rolling, and they haven't started accepting people yet. I'll hear in a few months, but hearing from my second and third choices makes waiting a lot easier! Thanks for all your kind words! I knew you guys would be happy for me :heart:. And yes, it feels great to have gotten good grades this quarter, though I guess it really doesn't matter to anyone but me hehe.