Heady aroma of leather!

  1. Sitting watching my youngest at swimming lessons today with my new bag on my knee I was knocked out by the heady leather aroma coming from the bag, think this had previously been obliterated by the Collonil, either that or I just haven't had enough quality time with Alana yet :weird:! Was scrummy, hope it doesn't fade. :tup:
  2. It's lovely isn't it! You're brave taking it to swimming lessons!! my boys always end up dripping all over me and my bag when they are getting changed!!!
  3. flyvetjo, I didn't quite know what to do with it in the changing room, didn't want to hang it on one of the coat hooks as it had lots of nasty hard edges on it and I thought it was scratch the bag but I couldn't put it down anywhere as there were wet children everywhere I looked. Managed to keep it on my shoulder but perhaps I should leave it at home next time. :crybaby: Either that or :idea: train my 5 year old to shower and dry himself after swimming! :biggrin:
  4. I have 5 year old twins - so totally understand - i think the only bags safe to go in the changing rooms are plastic bags!!!