Heading to Pasadena, CA... any advice?

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  1. Hey everyone! So, in a few weeks I am heading out to LA (more specifically Pasadena) for the OSU v. USC football game. A few of my college rommies and I are going to hit up the game on Saturday, but will be arriving on Thursday. Anyone out in that area have any suggestions about hotels, activities, bars, etc? I don't think we are going to have enough time to hit up the exclusive bars (this time) but we would like to have a few options to take with us. We are thinking about staying around Redono Beach. Any advice or suggestions would be great.

    THANKS!!!! (and of course, Go Bucks!):yahoo:
  2. n00b... posted in the wrong area :amuse:

    (PS this is my sister!!)
  3. Not sure where you guys are hanging out, but there are a couple of good wine bars in Pasadena: Magnolia and Bodega. Bodega has this red white that's kind of sweet, it's called Luscious Lips and AFAIK, no one else has it.
  4. that is awesome. in fact, my one roomie loves wine more than anything else. we might have to stop there... it would be a complete treat for her! she lived in huntington beach for a bit, but she never mentioned either of those places to me before. thanks!!!!
  5. Redondo and Pasadena are really far from each other...will you be spending time in Redondo or Pasadena? Or would you be open to places in between?
  6. ^^I agree. I wouldn't stay in Redondo if I was planning on spending most of my time in Pasadena. Is there a specific reason you guys were considering Redondo?

    Old Town Pasadena is along Colorado Ave, just off the 210. It's a cute area with lots of great dining and some shopping. I feel like you could cover it all in about a day though (if that), so I'm not sure if it's worth staying there if you will be around for a few days. I think you will have a better time if you stay somewhere else (like Santa Monica or West Hollywood) and just drive to Pasadena the day of the game and do some shopping/dining then.
  7. We were hoping to stay close to the ocean and then just suck up the drive on Saturday. Since this is my first trip out there (and the other two are coming from Boston and Denver) the beach is one of our top priorities. Manhatten Beach perhaps?
  8. I totally understand wanting to stay by the beach! Santa Monica would be a nice place to stay on the beach that would be much more central to everything...food, clubs, shopping etc.
  9. ^^SM is also closer to west LA, which is where the good shopping is!
  10. Listen to them, they know what they are talking about!
  11. Sorry, I didn't know the beach was a priority. I would definitely recommend Santa Monica over the smaller beach communities. There are hotels along Ocean Ave which is right along the beach ($$$, but desirable if you can afford them) , and if you're willing to go east a few blocks I'm sure you can find something at a reasonable price. Have fun!
  12. FYI - Pasadena is pretty far from the beach (about a 1hr drive w/o traffic). But if you're only going out to Pasadena once, then a 1hr drive each way isn't too terrible.

    If beaches are a priority for you, I'd suggest staying in Laguna or Santa Monica. Laguna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in LA IMO, and there's tons of great shopping out there (Fashion Island, SCP, etc), but it lacks a great nightlife scene. I'd suggest staying at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna.

    SM is also a lovely beach with TONS of great shopping in the area, and it also has a fantastic restaurant and nightlife scene. I'd suggest staying at Shutters on the Beach in SM.
  13. Santa Monica has Viceroy Hotel,Casa Del Mar, and Shutters Hotel. Viceroy is a cool place to have dinner and a few drinks with your friends in the evening by the poolside even if you don't stay there.
  14. After seeing my Illini get a good beating at the Rose Bowl this year, I can tell you that the USC fans aren't especially friendly to the opposing fans! And as much as I really hate to say it..... Go Buckeyes!
  15. Hi Megs Sis~!

    If you plan on staying in SM... definitely walk and shop through the 3rd St. Promenade!

    Fyi: SM and Manhattan beach & Redondo aren't too far from each other.

    Have fun!