headed to the outlet in 1 hour....

  1. i am soooo excited! not sure if i will buy much, but just seeing what is there and the prices will do me good - i would love to find the legacy larger ergo bag - but i dont remember how long ago they retired them.... but i definitely need a "tote" bag for my everyday stuff - so wish me luck !

    Anyone know what has been there lately?
  2. Gallery totes, Patchwork totes, factory-exclusive leather totes, lots of wristlets, charms, etc.

    If you get anything, post pics! :yes:

  3. hey you dont live far from me!
  4. And report back on whats there!
    Back in august/ beginning of september, I bought the medium ergo tote with the legacy lining (is that what you mean?)
    I thought the medium was a good size, because the large was like cavernous!
  5. So I take it you're going to the Aurora outlet?

    I was there about 2 weeks ago, so hopefully the inventory is the same for you!
  6. i will report back and yep, i am going to the Aurora Outlets -
  7. Good Luck!! Hope you find something!! :tup:
  8. Let me know too! I sometimes drive up to Kenosha...less crowded!!! I have done both in one day and they always have different stuff!!! What a FUN day it makes:woohoo:!!!!
  9. Have fun! Wish I lived near an outlet. The closest outlet is a 5 hour drive.:crybaby: