headband with coach purse?

  1. HELLO EVERYONE :smile: im fairly new to Coach i have been hanging at the Chanel forum, but after visiting a Coach store at my mall i have FALLEN HARD. I love how theres so much variety and greaattt prices! I started off with a beautiful wristlet and got a brown/beige headband with the c's and polka dots. I was thinking of getting a khaki carly signature bag, and even thought it would go great with my headband. I was wondering do you think the pony tail signature scarves with the signature bags look tooo much? do any of you wear it together?
  2. No way! not at all. I always wear my signature scarves w/ my signature bags and shoes. Wear what you like. If you like, that is all that matters. BTW I love the scarf you got, it is on wishlist.
  3. As long as it matches and it looks great, why not? I don't see why it would be too much. I think it'd be cute!
  4. I am different I guess. I will only use my signature accessories with my leather bags. Too much signature I feel like a walking billboard but just the right touches look cute to me !
  5. I love it! I bought that same ponytail scarf to wear as a headband with my new swingpack, and it looks adorable together! I don't think it's too much. If you had the headband, matching bag AND the shoes on all at once that MIGHT be overkill and too matchy... it all depends... some people can pull off almost anything look stylish!
  6. Definitely Agree. I'm the same way.
  7. I think it would look cute. I wouldn't wear the same color bag and headband though, too much matching.