HE HE Louis just rand me and said sorry!!!

  1. HEY everyone! well just thought i would update you on my treatment at LV! well i posted here and nearly all of you said i should complain about the service, well i did!:shame: i emailed them and asked how i should go about it, write or phone ect. Anyway they emailed back straight away and asked for further details etc. I told them that the security guard had given us dirty looks etc, no one came to help, spoken to rudely.
    Soooo... I just got off the phone to the manager of the boutique, she was sooo sorry!!!:p Saying, im sorry you and your friends felt that way, im sorry the way you were treated by the staff and security guard;) . She was like please come in again, if you need anything make sure you ring ME, he he so im like best buds with the manager! lol!:smile:
    no, but she was very nice about the situation and then asked what i like and mentioned the azur line...
    anyway just wanted to share, so if anyone else wants to complain then you should.
    Im just scared that i have like a big COMPLAINED mark against my name now!
  2. Good for you! At least now your LV experience is going to be so much better when you go into the store next.
  3. i'm glad you got your apology. now you have someone there for you. hope you are treated better in the future.:yes:
  4. Good for you! Now, everything will be better on your next visit!
  5. Wow, I am glad they took the time to apologize.
  6. You may be worried that you have a "COMPLAINER" mark against your name. But does it really matter, when the result is good service. if that is what it takes then we should all have that mark as soon as we walk in the door.

    Good for you for doing something about bad service. If no one does anything - nothing will ever change.
  7. Good for you! At least now you feel better about the situation! No one should be treated rudely!
  8. congrats! enjoy your next trip there:yes:
  9. Yay! You got your apology!
  10. Right on. Congrats!
  11. Great apology!
  12. It's nice to see the manager cleared that up :biggrin:
  13. OMG thats great that LV are finally doing something about it, Go and persuade them to give you a free MC bookmark lol
  14. well now you've got an excuse to go in a buy something else! lol
  15. Glad it worked out smoothly!