HBO addicts

  1. Anyone else out there an HBO addict? I've been dying these last few Sunday nights since they are not running any new series! I think Rome season 2 is next but I don't know when it will start.

  2. I don't know if your cable system is different from the way mine used to be, but if it's possible, call your cable company and get HBO On Demand.

    Then you could watch selected movies and selected episodes of certain shows.

    (That's how I caught up with Oz and The Sopranos.)
  3. DH just told me the new Rome episodes begin this sunday!
  4. HBO is the only reason why I still watch TV; they have the best shows, hands down. I can't wait for Rome so I can get my Kevin McKidd fix!:nuts:
  5. Can't wait for Rome to start. When do the Sopranos begin again? I really didn't like last season that much. Hopefully the next will be better.
  6. I love HBO - some of the best shows on TV - Sopranos, Rome, The Wire, Entourage!!!! Now I do watch The L word on Showtime, but HBO is the best cable channel hands down!!!!
  7. Kristabelle,

    Glad to see you like The Wire (my favorite show). I think it is the best crime/drama show ever!

    Just wondering how you like the L word?
  8. I don't think I have met an HBO drama I didnt like.

    I already have the Rome season pass set - ;)

    I guess I was the only Lucky Louie fan though, they cancelled that but brought back Extras??? I guess for me, I would have liked it the other way around.

    Lucky Louie made my marriage seem normal; I like that in a sketch comedy. :p
  9. YES!!! DH and I are both fans of Big Love and the Sopranos. Six Feet Under was DH's favorite show before it ended - he was so bummed after the last episode aired.
  10. I think "Extras" is brilliant !!! So glad Ricky Gervais (the talent behind The Office also) is back!!!!