Hazelnut? what are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi, I just received my MAB in Hazelnut and now I can't decide if I should keep it or maybe consider the stone or dusty for a more neutral color? What are your thoughts? It is gorgeous though!!! Confused and overwhelmed this is a serious addiction.
  2. i just recieved mine last night, i love this color, the leather is great and versatile for all seasons. my only complaint is that my bag has that fishy leather smell
  3. I think that the Hazelnut color seems fairly neutral to me... And the leather looks gorgeous from the photos I've seen! I say keep that and look toward buying a bag with some popping colour (hello fall line!!) As your next RM!

    Kim - there was a thread re: getting rid of that fishy smell. If you do a search, I'm sure you can find it! HTH!
  4. Prague, could you please post a photo here?:flowers: I have the MAM in Dusty, as much as I love this neutral shade, it's hard to maintain, I just go tit last week, used it maybe 5 times, already the corners have darkened a little and the underside of the handles too, and I don't even carry it with my hands, I am either carrying it on my shoulder or crook of arm.
  5. I'm very interested in this topic as I have a hazelnut on pre-order but my gut is telling me I need a STONE! I can't wait to see how this plays out for you as I think I'm right with you on the indecision.
  6. thanks for the input. My bag also has a very strange smell but apparently that is common with the glazed bags I will look up that link as well. As for a photo I'm not sure how to make that happen but I will attempt to upload something in the next few days.

    I'm going to keep this color over the dusty because I am very hard and my bags and will most likley destroy the dusty in a short time I have the dark gray MAB and used it all winter and it is still looking pretty good.
  7. I have bumped the thread: my new addition which has a pic of my stone MAM.
  8. I have the MAB Hazelnut and love the color. It's rich without being too dark. I think it's a great color for all year round.
  9. From looking at pictures posted online, the colour looks gorgeous and versatile.
  10. The color of the hazelnut is gorgeous! I would take a hazelnut over the dusty anyday. I think the hazelnut will be easier to maintain, and it also has some orangey undertones which are great while you're enjoying the sun this summer!

    Stone is my favorite I must admit. Then the hazelnut... but if you're choosing between hazelnut, and dusty...definitely keep the hazelnut. I wouldn't give that a 2nd thought!
  11. Keep the hazelnut it is gorgeous! I think the dusty would be hard to keep clean!!
  12. Any chance of me seeing some pics? Despite seeing lots of pics online, I still feel like I haven't gotten a good feel for this color and what it really looks like.
  13. I personally think the hazelnut would be easier to maintain, and is a GORGEOUSSSS color that will work great in the summer and fall months!
  14. Here are some photos of my MAB Hazelnut. One is with flash, the others are without. :smile:

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  15. I had a hazelnut botkier a few years ago and it was almost exactly the same color and I found it very hard to match with things, but then, I wear mostly darker colors. I think the stone is gorgeous and if it were up to me I'd keep that!