Haylie & Hilary Duff Leaving A Spa Salon In West Hollywood 11/12/07

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  2. Is that a Louis Vuitton with a design on it? For a minute it looked like she throw that bag in dust!

    They look pretty differnt without makeup on. Thanks for the photo and post.
  3. Its an LV Dentelle. It came in silver or gold thread.
  4. she looks great w/o makeup.
  5. She looks good without make-up...but sooo different!
  6. she looks great!
  7. ITA.. Hailey too
  8. :yes::yes:
    Still cute though.

    what kind of bag does the sister have?
  9. uhh i dont think they look that different at all.
  10. they look great....i'm also wondering about haylies bag.
  11. I think they both look great without makeup. It looks like Haylie has a Marc Jacobs bag.
  12. I agree. They both look stunning without make up. But also because they usually don't do the "caked on make up" either so it's not a extreme change. :smile: