Hayden Harnett Toyko Clutch

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  1. SuzyZ purchased it in the black and seemed to only have great things to say about. I loe the way they look. Good Luck!
  2. I *just* bought the Tokyo clutch in Chocolate and love it. I plan to use it for the first time tonight.

    Here was my review on another forum.
    The first thing I thought as I took it out of the Luna Boston box was "Wow, this is a nice quality made bag. The leather is soo soft, buttery leather is a good term to use. I got the Tokyo in chocolate, it is a dark brown almost with a purple undertone (see the picture taken in daylight for an accurate pic of the color) with a dark bronze panel in the middle. The color of the leather is so rich looking. The attention to details is what I find most impressive.

    There is no detail overlooked. See an example in the picture of the pull for the inside pocket (THAT pull is even looks nice and is adorned). The bag is put together very well, the stitching is nice and there is nice metal details. On the metal details there is a small " h h" detail, it doesn't stand out (like a logo bag or something) it just adds a classy finished look.

    You can use this bag as a
    clutch or small handbag for going out at night. The strap and tassle easily fit inside the bag without being noticeable. The inside has a nice lining (see pic below) and has a zipped compartment and two open pockets in the front. My flip cell phone fits in one of them nicely. It is perfect for an evening bag IMO since there is plenty of room to carry more than you need but small enough not to get in the way (like in a crowded bar).

    Here are some pics. The last one I took from the HH site becuase it showed the most accurate color.

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  3. Yes, I have one in black, it is stunning, I will be wearing it for the first time tomorrow night and I look forward to it. I don't like clutch bags as a rule but this is totally unique!.
  4. Thanks Virgo & Suzy! I'm really tempted to go for it now. Especially since you both have positive reports...

    I just got a chocolate brown--true chocolate brown--Mombasa, so I'm on the fence about whether I should get another brown bag. But it sounds like the HH brown is more purply... I can't go for the other colors since snakeskin weirds me out :P
  5. Great reviews! Thanks SuzyZ and Virgo! I want one too!
  6. that's a pretty bag! it really does look unique and the dark brown color looks delicious. i love the details...wickedassin, i say go for it! :biggrin: