Hayden Harnett Suki Price Change??

  1. Did Hayden Harnett lower the regular price of their Suki bag? I remember it was selling for about $520 last season and now the regular price for the Suki bag on their website is $395. Was it really $520 last season or am I imagining things?? :confused1:
  2. Their website is crazy. They're constantly changing prices on everything.
  3. Thanks, that's good to know. I thought my memory was starting to go batty. That's a crazy price change! :nuts:
  4. Was it $520 before? As I recall it was always $395.

    The persian rose is really beautiful..my heart beats faster when I saw it:drool:...but I am going to wait for the emerald in Spring 08 as think the Suki ladybag is beautiful in deep rich jewel tones..:heart:
  5. The price was lowered sometime back. I thought from the fall preview on their site that it would go back up to $520, but it looks like it's still the lower price. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one that it doesn't go back up.
  6. It;s actually marked dowm even lower at the moment to $335.75.... it's taking all I can do not to buy it in the Persian Rose.
  7. $335.75!! Wow! :nuts: I tried to check it out, but all I see is $395! Is there a special link for the $335.75 price? Or did I miss it?
  8. The Suki was marked down by HH at some point this spring to 395. if you are seeing it for 335 my guess is you have one of the 15% off codes activated in your cookies.
  9. Wow, good news!!!! I have noticed that all prices have gone up everywhere!!
  10. Luna Boston also has the Suki for $395 and you can get 25% off with code luckybreaks3.
  11. I scrolled up and down the Luna Boston site and saw no Suki.:sad:
  12. I don't see it anymore either...maybe they pre-sold all the ones they're getting? You could call to ask if you're interested.
  13. It is gone? I was ready to check it out..
    I wish they would offer it in more colors..like the new eggplant..