Hayden-Harnett sale - Louvre Satchel sold out?

  1. Question for any other HH fanatics... I've been checking out their sale site today http://haydenharnett.com/news/hotsale.html , and they show the Louvre Satchel on sale for $112, but when you click through and go to the actual list-page, I don't see it listed anywhere (just the Louvre coin purses). Does anyone know if it's maybe because it sold out? Which, if true, would make me sad. :confused1:
  2. I am sorry but I'm afraid that's the case. I managed to get one in Saddle as I placed my order on the very first day of the sale. I think they were all sold out by the third day of this hot sale.
  3. Not surprised - that's a great deal! Oh, well, thanks for letting me know!
  4. I think there are several offered on eBay....take a look-see!
    With these bags, there's no worry about "fakes" since HH, to my knowledge, has not been faked.
    It's all a matter of condition/trusting the seller, etc.
    Hope this helps!