Hayden Harnett Nico strap...is it uncomfortable?

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  1. Any opinions on the bag as a whole? My worries are the strap being uncomfortable when the bag is full and carried for a long period of time and that it may be too huge on me...But I like the shape and think I will seriously love the leather...I really adore the size and slouch of the Havana Hobo if that is indicative of my taste at all...Any thoughts? :smile:
  2. The Nico is one of my favorite bags! I find it super comfortable on the shoulder, and the strap doesn't dig in at all. The part of the strap that sits on your shoulder has a rolled/circular shape, so it doesn't dig in.

    The leather is super amazing - although it does vary by color. I have the Nico in Currant and it is the softest leather I have ever touched (!!!!!) and also in Iznik Yellow. The yellow leather is still nice, but nowhere near as nice as the Currant. The lining is also different which may be of interest to you. The Currant lining is this marvelous vintage looking paisley with blues and purples, while the Iznik lining is the HH logo pattern. If you love linings, might be worth a call to HH before you pick a color!

    I love big bags, and while I'm 5-7, I've seen this bag also look amazing on shorter women - there's a tPF'er out there named "momo" who posted pics of her Poppy Red Nico [in the "what bag are you wearing today" thread] and she is 5-4 and it looks incredible on her.

    I love the Nico - it feels like I am carrying around a beautiful soft leather security blanket!
  3. I agree-I also got the currant Nico when they had their big sample sale-it is lightweight and truly soft to touch and so pretty!:P
  4. awww. you're making me blush. thanks for the compliment! :shame: i love my nico. it is really soft and easyto get into. it's a great everyday bag.

    that being said, i find that if I put my laptop in it along with my other things the bag tends to be more uncomfortable on my shoulder. plus, due to the weight of the laptop (~5lbs) it causes the adjustable strap to slowly get larger as I wear the bag.

    So IMO it's great, but don't expect to use it to carry too many heavy things. (i.e. laptop+book+wallet, etc.)

  5. The strap was the ONE part of the Nico that I didn't like. I had to sell mine off.

    The strap either needs to be longer so that you can wear it comfortably crossbody.. or made so it adjusts more so you can make it short... I feel the drop is in an odd place measurement-wise.
    I would've rather the strap been shorter.
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