Hayden-Harnett Lorca: lead vs. grey


Lead or Grey?

  1. Lead

  2. Grey

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  1. Which one? I simply cannot allow myself to buy both. Which should I get and why?
  2. Lead lead lead lead lead. I want to marry the HH lead. It's just a soft, sexy, multidimensional shimmer. Soooo pretty.
  3. Lead! There is no other metallic like it.
  4. as much as I love grey, I don't think the color does Lorca justice. Lead is sexy sexy sexy :nuts:

  5. I :heart: LEAD!! I think it is so much more interesting than the grey. I know many love the grey leather, but I don't care for it. The lead is such a unique color without being "in your face".
  6. Lead! :yes:
  7. The only reason not to buy lead would be if you think that you're going to be more tired of the metallic bag trend in a few months than you will be of the gray bag trend.
  8. I prefer lead.
  9. another vote for Lead!!
  10. Goodness. Overwhelming support for the lead! I'm leaning toward that one. (Though my heart keeps going "Oh, get both," while my head says, "Quit it! Only one!")
    Can anybody post pics of their lead bag? You know those pics on the H-H website are so bad.
  11. Lead has that extra sexiness!

  12. Or you can get the lead first, and wait to see if the grey goes on sale during the Thanksgiving or Christmas seasons. :smile: Or go ahead and get both.
  13. Good idea! I may just do that.....
  14. lead!