Hayden-Harnett Inka question

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  1. Does anyone know what type of lining is in the HH black Inka? There are no pics on the HH website. The lining shown for the white is that great silk floral print but the one shown for the cobalt is a blue swirl pattern in some other fabric. If you have pics, I'd love to see them but a written description will help me feed my addiction just as well! TIA
  2. I PM'd you too, but pics are worth a thousand words!


  3. That's the same lining as my black havana hobo, a bit disappointing but I love the bag nonetheless.
  4. Thanks so much for the pics! I know this may sound crazy but I'm thinking of not buying it because I was really looking forward to that fabulous silk floral print. That type of lining makes me so happy when I look at it!
  5. Let us know what you end up ordering!
  6. I'm having a difficult time deciphering the true size of this bag and what it can hold...I just ordered a saddle Havana Hobo from HH and was thinking about the black Inka too...I really like the size, slouch, and comfort factor of the Havana. The strap is so wonderfully comfy...Is the Inka as comfy and accommodating? Or is it a smaller bag? Oh and it is difficult to use with the clip in the front? I'm assuming the leather is as buttery soft as the other HH bags?
    Help enable me (or not!)! ;)
  7. I don't have the Havana - I like the looks of it, but it's way too big for me. The Inka is perfect - big, yet doesn't appear so - I can fit everything I want in it, including a paperback and a bottle of water if need be. The shoulder strap is slightly padded and wide enough to stay put. You can adjust the bottom depth (width?) to allow more or less. I don't use the clip - it just hangs free, provide a nice added decoration. I absolutely adore the tiny stud details on these bags. And yes - the leather is buttery soft and TDF - my co-workers regularly come by for a feel and a sniff. Amazon's got some on sale now for $250.
  8. What to know what anyone thinks of the

    Inka? Hobo? or the Lorca? Trying to decide which to go with. Julie:tup:
  9. Oops! My bad typing meant "Want" to know which Hayden-Harnett to go with.

    The sales girl loves the Hobo (but it seems really large), I like the Inka they have it in a tan color, they have a few Lorca styles, too.

  10. I like the Lorca, very lady like, can't go wrong, it's a beauty.
  11. I was going to make a post today, asking if I should keep an Olive Green TreVero leather purse and then I found the Olive HH Inka! Thanks so much to everyone out here for their opinions and photos! I just bought yet another purse! Can't wait for it to arrive!
  12. Inkas are nice bags. Personally, I like them better than the havana. Olive should be a great fall color -- Congrats!