Hayden Harnett Ibiza Flight Tote Justifications

  1. Yes, I know, odd title, but I do need justifications for this bag! Obviously it is versatile, can be folded up, folded down, dressed up, dressed down, and will of course work well on a flight but what about in everyday life? What do you think? If you owned this bag, could you see yourself using it in day to day life, and how so?

    Oh yeah, and do you think its a cute bag? :rolleyes:
    14938-ViewSize300-Folded.jpg 14938-ViewSize300-Angle.jpg 14938-ViewSize300-Front.jpg
  2. Reaching for reasons to get it, eh? :graucho:

    I could see it working for work, travel, and/or school, but not so much for everyday shopping, errands, or going out. However, it might be good for rainy days, since it's nylon.

    It's OK in black...cute, but not striking. I think it's HOT in smoke blue!
  3. I think it's cute as far as luggage goes, but I wouldn't buy it unless I needed something for traveling. Of course, perhaps you need something for traveling to work, to the mall, to get groceries....you catch my drift :graucho:

    There's a way to justify every purchase!
  4. It's cute and I'm sure you'd find ways to use it. The black is nothing special as colors go, but I agree about the smoke blue color. Amazing.

    I use tote bags all the time. Have a closet full of them because I find the darn things irresistible. :rolleyes: A few years ago I threw up my hands and decided I would only buy a new tote bag or briefcase bag if I was so completely convinced it was perfect I would regret for years if I did not purchase the thing. I also have to be able to "feel" and "see" myself carrying it: to meetings, on planes and trains, on the street, plopping it down in offices, hotels, restaurants and on Mom's kitchen table. It can't be fussy; well-behaved bags are the key to happiness.

    If you think you'll love it and use it, buy it! :tup:
  5. Just in case you hadn't seen this yet -- this thread might have some helpful related posts as well about this tote.
  6. I've been thinking about this bag in a while. I would use this for:
    - carry-on bag
    - weekender bag
    - day-to-day work bag to bring lunch, gym clothes, etc.
  7. I have been trying to justify this tote also. I think that it would be a great all around bag for so many different things.
  8. I've also been eyeing these up since they first came out. But I can never quite get around to buying one. Firstly because I can't decide if I like the Black or Olive better! Secondly because it's probably too big for an everyday (although when I start commuting on the train next year it might work better), and I don't travel enough to justify it. And thirdly I'm just not sure I like it folded up - I loved it to start with but the more I look at it the less sure I am about whether it would just look like I folded a bag under my arm.
  9. PS: Im buying it right now. Luna Boston just got a shipment of 10 into their store and the luckybreaks discount code is running out in like 3 days!