Hayden Harnett bag care??????????

  1. I have emailed and called HH for instructions - no response. Could someone please share what I should do to keep my HH hobo looking good. Thanks
  2. I got the same question and they did send me an email, here it is:
    We have heard that Coach Leather Cleaner works well. We actually haven’t experimented at all with cleaning the leather, as we like a worn-in look. But people have said that the Coach cleaner works well. Any light cleaner ought to work, or a gentle brushing with a suede brush. You could consult a local shoe-repair store which will have many options for leather cleaners.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Kathleen,
    Which HH hobo do you have? I'm looking at the Mercer Hobo. I was wondering if it's too big.
  4. Shelley, thank you so much for sharing the care info. I have the chocolate hobo - it is not not not too big. I responded to your PM.