Hawaii Girls

  1. We should have a meet up soon. Before my hubby comes home from Iraq !!!
  2. LOL suuuure!! 3rd toki meet!! :biggrin: When does your hubby get back??
  3. in a week or two lol no set date that they will tell us yet !!! blah. Even if its just hitting up starbucks or whatever.
  4. sounds good! i'm down if I'm off from work or don't have something planned!
  5. From the last 2 meets.. I think Sunday afternoon is best. I *THINK*... Meeting up would be great! hehe I think a few of us wanted to eat at Shokudo/Angelo Pietro's this time.. hehe or maybe it was just me and Maya :amuse: Is there anywhere people REALLY want to go??

    We usually go to:
    - LSS Ala Moana (or wherever)
    - Urbanztoys (Kaimuki)
    - Split Obsession (Koko Marina)
    - Chic Icon (Koko Marina)
    - somewhere to EAT!! :p
  6. Hey do you think we could have a meeting if an east coast girl is planning on coming to hawaii to see her brother in Dec? (though it may not happen until feb) ???

    Said brother lives in waikiki and works at the morton's at the ala moana center..please? with sugar on top? :smile:

  7. I don't know...but Sunday is the only day that would work for me since I work Mon-Fri and Sat is boyfriend day...so if that works for people, then awesome..if not, then Jess will have to sit this one out O_O lolz.
  8. sunday is perfect for me to. the only day my hubby can actually stay home and watch kids cause he works 6 days, mon-sat. So i'm down for a sunday!
  9. Yeah, that'd be cool!! We could definitely go out!! And I love advanced notice, so this is waaay in advance and perfect. *lol*

    As far as the meeting up soon, I definitely won't be able to go. These next few weekends for me are filled with rearranging the apartment to fit our new elliptical and frantically preparing for Open House at the preschool!! Ack!! So Dana, save Shokudo and Angelo Pietro for another time so I can come!! *lol*
  10. ok we will have to see how schedules go hahaha ! Sunday may be the only days I CANT do anything lol !!