Having second thoughts...you knew it was gonna happen!! LOL!

  1. Hi everyone!! I haven't been on much the past week or so because I've been crazy with the kids going back to school and I go back on Tuesday!!

    Anyhoo...I have a little dilemma...

    Okay, I am thinking I want to get a mono ellipse now. I have always liked this bag but I guess there was always something else I wanted more. What do you all think of the ellipse? I don't think too many people on here have them??

    Also, you know I have the red alma (which I love) and the black montainge, and now I'm thinking I would have liked the black alma better. But then I would have two, well really 3 almas cause I have the mono alma too. Is that too many almas?

    I would love your opinions cause you know how you think too much about something, then you don't even know what your thinking anymore?? Or is that just me...LOL!!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. get the mono elipse it's a great bag and the bigger size is being discontinued so get it now go go go!
  3. I think the montaigne sac is a gorgeous bag. I also like the ellipse because not many people have them. However, I wouldn't want to have 3 almas, even though I love them as well. Good Luck deciding.

  4. Yea, that's how I kinda feel about the alma too! I just love it so much though, that now I wish I would have gotten it in black. But, then I'd be back to 3 almas! LOL!
  5. Ellipse is nice but I prefer the Alma.
    Some ppl have a speedy and noe's in every variety and that's ok. Just depends how much you love that style of bag, if ya kwim?
  6. Seems like you're not all the way sold on the ellipse. I've seen it a lot but not as much as the Speedy 30. I do know people who own it and they are really crazy about it.

    I have 3 speedies but I didn't stop to think about whether repeating was okay because I really loved each one. Maybe you're just the Alma Queen :queen:, which is totally okay.
  7. IMHO, you've got the best scenario already! I like the Montaigne in black better than the Alma in black just because it's got a bit more visual interest. I love the Alma in Mono and in Epi in color, but in black to me it seems a little too doctor bag like or something. And the Ellipse is a great bag too, very cute, but I like the Mono Alma better. The Mono Alma is a classic. I didn't quite get whether you had to sell a bag to get another one (or were just considering getting another one in general), but if you can get another without downsizing, I would go Ellipse.
  8. I think you should get the Alma. I'm not too crazy about the elipse. I have several speedies and if thier is another one that i want I'm gonna get it no matter how many I have. Or maybe you can sell your red Alma buy it in black and you can still get the elipse

  9. Yes, you are totally right! Well, I want the ellipse I think. But if I were to get the black alma then I would sell the black montainge...but, I love the silver hardware on the montainge too!

    Maybe I'm just so used to the alma, that now another bag seems weird to me? IDK. I'm nutty that way! LOL! As we all know.....

  10. nooooo don't sell your black montainge! That bag is so HOT!
  11. i bought the montaigne and returned it... it is just too, i don't know, in your face for me. i love the alma the most -- in black with silver it is understated and stunning. just mho -- i would sell the montaigne, buy the alma -- that is an amazing bag that you will love... well maybe... forever!!
  12. I like the alma MUCH more than the ellipse!
  13. oh - either way, buy the ellipse!!
  14. I agree that is a gorgeous bag, dont sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I prefer the Alma over the Ellipse. I saw a lady with a black Alma at Neiman Marcus LV and I was drooling. It took my breath away. It was so classy and elegant-looking. My teenage daughter was with me and she told me that I had to get the black one, too, in addition to the Epi Myrtille Alma I was picking up. lol I didn't get it, but it is on my wish list.